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Superior Manufacturing

Hand-crafted Production, High-quality Workmanship, Superior Manufacturing.

Hand-crafted Production, High-quality Workmanship, Superior Manufacturing.


Unlike large-scale industry, which aims at minimizing production times, Superior Manufacturing combines traditional processes with sophisticated technology in its quality workmanship. Instead of cutting traditional steps in production, it makes them more efficient; It rejects the serial reproduction of defects and imperfections of the sort that are often found in fake hand-crafted products (wood, ceramics, shoes etc.), preferring to search for the natural beauty in the product.

An example: to reduce production times and due to the lack of skills needed to hand-craft pieces, the footwear industry restricts itself to assembling pre-prepared blocks.


Superior Manufacturing assembles the product in phases, allowing the shoe to adhere perfectly to the mold. In conclusion: High-quality Workmanshiph as to meet at least three requirements:

  • It must be stylish and up-to-date
  • It must guarantee a high degree of comfort and this feeling is usually unmistakable.
  • It must last. This quality should not be thought of as "obsolete": longer lasting items guarantee the same comfort levels for a longer period of time, unlike some industrial products that are subject to wear and tear.